The evolution of Goodberry’s

Goodberry's has nine locations in the Triangle, each with a fountain in the courtyard. Photo by Bob Karp for WALTER magazine.
Goodberry's has nine locations in the Triangle. Photo by Bob Karp for WALTER magazine.

Since its founding in 1988, generations of locals and fans of old-school custard shops have flocked to Goodberry’s. Parents who used to bring their kids to Goodberry’s now bring their grandkids. “We’re fortunate to have those connections,” said Henry Brathwaite, president of Goodberry’s and son of the founder.

The company was created by Harry Brathwaite, a businessman who worked for Brigham’s Ice Cream in the Boston area. He was ready to start his own frozen dessert company – one that used all-natural ingredients, unlike what he was seeing elsewhere in the marketplace. Raleigh, with its growing population, warm climate and robust dairy industry, seemed like the place to build it.

The local focus and community that Goodberry’s has fostered are as much part of the brand as the original recipe. “When our customers come to our stores, we have the opportunity to be part of a really pleasant experience,” he says. “They’re happy to be there, and we’re happy to serve them.”

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