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It's National Frozen Custard Day!

Celebrate with our Back-to-School Sundae! For every sundae sold through August 28, Goodberry’s will donate 30% of the proceeds to Tools4Schools in Wake County and Crayons2Calculators in Durham County.

Flavor of the Day  - Jun 15

Mint Chocolate Chip

What makes Goodberry's so good

Goodberry's all-natural frozen custard is made with six ingredients, including milk, eggs, cream, pure cane sugar, honey and natural extracts

An honest-to-goodness all-natural recipe made from scratch and served at peak freshness

  • Only milk, eggs, cream, pure cane sugar, honey and natural extracts
  • No artificial flavors, chemical fillers or stabilizers
  • Made fresh every hour at each store

Special equipment to optimize how our dessert is prepared, frozen and served

  • Proprietary machines designed and built by us
  • In-house production allows for strict quality control
  • Less air pumped into our custard makes it dense and creamy
All-natural frozen custard is made with specialized equipment
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